Career Opportunities

This qualification will enable you to enter a range of employment opportunities including manufacturer technicians, becoming a salon owner, lecturer or trainer, working abroad/cruise liners or as a freelance hairdresser or marketing for a manufacturer.

Placements in the Workplace

Graduates from The Hair Academy of South Africa doesn't need to be trained additionally to fit in with the world of work, but can only be sent for enrichment courses on specific products in the hair industry.

Contributing to the fact is the close contact that is kept with the hairdressing industry through experiential training and largely to the hands-on training with a balance between knowledge, practice and desired attitudes.

Members of our team in the experiential training programme will be styling hair for shows, be involved with community work, styling hair of the elderly in old age homes.

Students are assisted with marketing their skills during training. A portfolio that is build through the year can be used as proof of their work.

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